All of us want to have a better experience and to start it.

We have to educate. If we know the things that are going on, we are not easily fooled and bully. We won’t experience being degraded and look down on. Many people have not finished school, but at least they have a background to it. Unfortunate, people are those who live in a remote area, most of them are ignorant, and many people make fun of them. They don’t have enough information about what is going on. For me, I value much education; I look up to people who have finished it and had a better job. Most of them have a successful life and career, maybe for some who have not to reach that level, but they don’t struggle much for their living, have a home, and, most importantly, food.
One of my dreams is to finish my study, but unfortunately, sometimes, life is unpredictable. We have a profitable business before, and I live a comfortable life. My parents have been very supportive of me, I follow all the trends, and I am a social media addict. I even got my youtube channel and post videos about myself. I feel so famous and admired by people. I have to go to a prestigious school and keep my grades high. I have to make sure that I am beauty and brain. I have not experienced difficulties all my life and got my ATM, car, and all my needs.
Maybe a little bit boastful, but at least I am not pretending for who I am. Until such time, our family experienced a challenging situation. Our business went bankrupt and had to hold all our properties to pay our debts. It is challenging for us to rise again since no single centavo for capital. All of us had stopped at school, deleted all my social media accounts because of shame. I have lost hope, feeling very poor, and no purpose in life. My mom has not accepted our situation; she got depressed and sick. I have to find work for us and to continue my studies for one year left. I will graduate. I found out about Tottenham Court Road escort from and try myself to it. I am fit and suitable, so I have the chance to become a member. My career helps me raise money for my education, and after a year, I graduate and pass the board exam. I am officially a registered nurse as well as a Tottenham Court Road escort.

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