Camden Town escorts are getting a bit annoyed as many new agencies are opening in the area.

It sounds like a group of local businessmen has realized how lucrative the escorts business can be, and opened a couple of new agencies. Resident Camden Town escorts from say that the new Camden Town escorts agencies are staffed by girls from Ukraine and other former Soviet block countries. They offer cheap Camden Town escorts services, and all of the new Camden Town escorts agencies are focusing on local dates.

St Pancras station is only a stone’s throw away from Camden Town, and it is true that railway station does offer a lot of opportunities for dating. That being said, the girls are alarmed at the hourly rates these agencies offer. One agency even offers escorts as low as £50 per hour which seems incredible. After all like she says, they must play the girl and some money goes to the agency as well.

Another resident Camden Town lady says that all of the girls look very young, and she is a bit concerned about that. Are they in the country legally, and are they protected by the bosses of the agency? The editorial team on this website has heard on the grapevine that the new agencies are run by foreign gents.

They pay the escorts a very small amount of money, and keep the rest for themselves. It doesn’t sound very good, and is not a sustainable way of going about business. Services are only available on an outcall basis, and many of the girls share flats with several other girls. This sound a bit like exploitation to us.

Historically a lot of this kind of stuff used to go on in the escorts industry but in recent years the business has cleaned up its services. Most agencies are now very good and work hard to look after their escorts. Of course, you get the odd bad apple but this sounds really bad. When this happens the entire industry and business get a bad name, and many other suffer as well.
If it important to be professional about your business not matter what line of work that you are in. Professional escorts services can do very well, and it is important that staff are looked after. There is no point in running an agency like this as it causes too many problems for everyone concerned.

If the girls employed by the agency are not in the UK legally, they can end up in lots of trouble. The owners may get away with it but it is unlikely the escorts will. Before you arrange a date with any escorts agency, it is important to check it out. If it sounds professional go with it, but if you see anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, you should contact another agency. Let us get rid off all of the rotten apples so that the good ones can flourish, and there is absolutely any need to date illegal escorts. To be honest, there are too many honest legal escorts out there for you to enjoy.

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