I am a hopeless romantic as what they say but this is me and I am happy believing it all my life.

I may not even know when it will happen in my life for as long as I believe on it I know it will really come true in a right time with the right time and right place.


Once I say those lines my friends will then bully me for believing such miraculous thoughts on my heart and mind. But even though how they bullied me from being such a fool believing on uncertainty still my faith towards it never became uncertain. I have my own reasons why I have strong faith on what I believe in.


When I was into a relationship I was working as an escort then. I just recently joined in the team of Welling escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/welling-escorts. I met my boyfriend few days after in a party where I attended to. He courted me for more than six months when I we became lovers. Things were good in us then, that time his work is on the location where I am working with so we all have the chances of meeting each other. But things were missing and changing when he was assigned to other place due to his promotion. At first I was sad knowing that for the first time we will be a part but I tried to hold on for the sake of love that I had for him. His first month of being apart is miserable for me for I missed him so badly that when the time that I am free that I don’t have clients to attend to, I’ll give call for him and nobody answers. It lasted a month that way and there is this friend of mine who sends me photo of my boyfriend hugging and kissing a girl and he then commented on their saying “the love of my life” at first I never believe on it I do still call him and ignore what I saw for I believe it was just a picture.


I went to the place where he works and I saw the woman who is on the picture with her. He was surprised that I don’t know how to react about it for his face draws worried and a bit devastated. He brings me down and tells me of painful words. From that conversation alone I then fully convinced that what I saw on the picture was true.


I went back home believing that what even if it hurts I will still believe on love that it is not yet the right time for me that there is someone who is meant for me. That someone who will love me, makes me happy and makes me his priority. Do I am still hoping but I know he is on his way.

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