I thought I could not move on, but I did it within four weeks

Every time I will be in a relationship, I love too much and deep. I will focus on the person and love him with all that I have. He will be my king, and I am his servant queen. I can offer everything I have because that’s what love should do according to Clapham Escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/clapham-escorts. You have to accept the pain and try to fix it. But you also need to evaluate if that love can still work. You have to decide before making your life miserable. I have even gone from different relationships; At first, I don’t know what to do like I want to get back to the person, but the dead plant will never grow again. I thought I could not move on, but I did it within four weeks.


In the first week, the week I explode my anger, pains, and everything. I even don’t know what to do. I spent here sleepless night and cry as I want. Everything wasn’t easy. I want to die at the moment. I have starved myself and dehydrated. I never talk to people or even in my families according to Clapham Escorts. I was so hopeless and depressed. I have never taken a bath since and look messy. Everything is miserable and wish I can’t wake up the next morning.


In the second week, I fervently asked God why it happened to me. I wondered guidance, and I came to realize that if we still together my life will be miserable and that could be a big regret for the future. I get up and take a bath. I deeply breathe, inhale the good and exhale the good. I had open my windows and saw the sun. I want to fill with light the darkness I have. I looked into the mirror and said to myself; i was enough. If no one can say that to me, who else? I need to motivate and learn to walk alone. I have apologized to my family since they were very supportive of me. I start the day eating a breakfast.


On the third week, I realized that I should do the things I was afraid to do. I went out and sweated myself. I let the heat of the sun touches my skin, and I want to feel that I am alive again. I went to a coffee shop and drank my favorite coffee. I went to the mall and watched my favorite movie. I have done everything alone. And I did it. Yes, it was a good start.


On the fourth week, I have learned to forgive myself, and I thought I could not move on, but I did it within four weeks.

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