Im A Bisexual Who Prefers Women

When I first joined London escorts, I would never have thought that I would hear myself say this, but I prefer women. Recently I think that I have enough of men and I should be dating girls instead. I am not the only lady at London escorts to feel that way. The problem is that you sort of end up one men overload when you work for a London escorts service and you just want to say no, and no thank you.

What is the big deal about love between women anyway? I think that as women we love in a totally different way. It is not this raw sexuality that you find in men. Some of the men that I meet at London escorts are almost brutal when it comes to talking about sex. Other gents that I meet at London escorts are crude about it, and that does not do a lot for me neither. The more I find out about men, they less I want to be married and spend time with them. I think that is a fact of life for many women these days.

Our sexualities have also become much more fluent and that helps to add to the problem if it is a problem in the first place. I think that with so many sex toys around, women are beginning to spend more time on their own. Many of the girls that I work with at London escorts are solo players and not afraid to talk about it. A few years ago, you would not even have caught the girls at London escorts talking about sex toys, now it happens all of the time. One of the girls here at our London escorts service even reviews toys online.

Women are also more support of each other. I would not be able to handle working for London escorts if I did not have my friends around me. It can be rather exhausting at times, and at the end of a shift, it can be nice to talk to your fellow London escorts. Being able to be closer together and perhaps even experience each other feelings, is something pretty unique when it comes to women, and I love that about us.

Yes, I have had boyfriends and I have even dated a couple of male London escorts. It was fun but I do get a real kick when I am with my girls from the most popular escorts in London agency. We can sort of tune into each other and that is why so many ladies enjoy sex with each other. It is a way of bringing each other pleasure. You don’t have to be a raving lesbian to enjoy sex with your best friend in the world of a woman. All you need to be able to do is to give and receive love. That is what is so special about spending time with your girlfriend. It does not mean that I in love with her, but it could mean that I love her. Aren’t we women so complicated…

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