It is not always easy to have the perfect love life.

Sometimes things just go pear shaped for no reason what so ever, and we often blame ourselves. Working for a Escorts in London taught me that it takes two to tango, and a lot of us don’t realize that. Listening to my dates talk at Escorts in London from, you would have thought it was all down to the women to make the couple’s love life go off with a bag every night, but that isn’t true at all. We are all tired after work, or looking after the kids, and we need to love each other. I doubt very much the perfect sex live exists, says Karen from Escorts in London. Most of my friends who I work together with at Escorts in London, are not sure if the perfect sex live exists neither. At the end of the day, life is not perfect, so why should our sex lives be perfect. The truth is that sometimes you can go for a long time without having made proper love to your partner. It may be frustrating, and it may not exactly make us feel good, but all of us have other commitments as well. Sex is not the only thing to live for in this life. Touch is really vital to a good relationship, and from what I understand from my dates at Escorts in London, we don’t touch each other enough. My own parents always used to have a Saturday afternoon nap together, and I remember my mom snuggling up on my dad’s arm for a snooze. It was a way of touching and being close to somebody. Speaking to my gents at Escorts in London, very few of them seem to have that sort of close relationship with their partners. I am sure that they are missing out on a lot. Some gents who visit us here at Escorts in London seem to think that life should revolve around sex, and their marriages may even have broken up as a result. To be honest, I think a lot of these chaps live on cloud number nine, and have a very poor understanding about love and sex. Most women do not have the time to let their lives revolve around sex, and even the girls here at Escorts in London, can’t afford to think like that neither. It would be fair to say that we have other things on our minds. Also, it is not all about cuddling and kissing. The guys I date at Escorts in London seem to expect everything to be done for them. That does not work at all, and I think they need to appreciate that they can help in the home. If, some of the guys I date at Escorts in London, were to cook dinner a couple of times per week, they would probably find that they would have better relationships with their partners. As a couple they would be more relaxed and have more time at the end of the evening. After all, caring for a family takes up a lot of time. I am not even so sure what you can call the perfect sex life.

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