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Is it fashionable to work as an escort? It seems that a lot of girls are becoming escorts and it really makes you wonder what is going on. Are they escorting because they cannot not get any other jobs, or are the girls taken their escorts career seriously. It is well known that some escorts travel around the world and practice their trade, but is this always the case? Croydon escorts of have recently recruited a lot of foreign escorts and it made the Better Sex Guide wonder why. Are locals also becoming escorts, or is it mainly foreign girls and ladies who join the ranks of the profession.

croydon escorts


Croydon escorts are well established in London, but the owner of the company still claims it is difficult to recruit local girls. Escorting does not seem to be a very popular career choice amongst local girls and it makes you wonder why. Most girls who have joined the agency in recent years, seem to come from abroad. Nick, the owner of the agency, says that a lot of foreign girls do start to work as escorts once they come to London. It appears that many of them already know that this is a good way to earn money.


Most foreign girls who are recruited by agencies such Croydon escorts don’t remain escorts for a very long period of time. The vast majority of the girls see escorting as a short time career, and leave the profession after one or two years. Nick, the owner of the agency, says that a lot of the girls and ladies save up their money and study after their escort career is over. Some of them go to art or design college, but others study for higher degrees as well. There are certainly some very smart girls who work short term as escorts.


The great thing about escorting, says Nick, is that you can earn a lot of money in a rather short period of time. Some of the girls who work for Croydon escorts work for two years, go to college or even back to their home countries. We often forget that there are precious few employment opportunities in places like Hungary, says Nick, this is why so many girls go to work abroad. Once they have made enough money, they return to their home countries and have better life. Some of them put so money aside and start their own business.


Croydon escorts are not the only girls who go down this route. Other London escort agencies talk about their girls doing the same thing. They work really hard and then take up another career. Often it is planned, they give themselves a few years to earn plenty of money, and then go back to their home countries. Many of the girls may even have enough money to live off for their rest of their lives, or they marry to start a family. Life in the UK is certainly vastly different from many poorer EU countries.

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