Ready for the next chapter of life – West Midland escort

I never expect that I would be able to have another chapter in my life which is marriage. for marrying the person that you really love is one of the most happiest moment in your life. Even in my dreams i never thought that I would give a chance to marry a West Midland escort from Someone that would never betray me this time. not a long time ago I promised myself that I would never fall in love again after a huge embarrassment that I went through in the past. To me being with someone that will just turn back their head is one of the bad things that a person could ever experience. I am in love before that I never thought it will turned to something disaster. for me my ex-girlfriend is the woman that I will marry but I was broken hearted when I found out that she was having an affair after all. Knowing that love of your life has never been so true to you is like killing you. I could not face people that time, our wedding is cancelled and I don’t know how to talk about it. Many times I tried to figure out what’s wrong with me. Many times I have doubt myself how this woman done that to me can. I never thought that she has done such terrible thing in me when all I did was make her happy. I was so down in that time. I even think of cutting my life. I decided to flee in London to have a new life in that way I will slowly move on from the past. For me it’s the best thing to do for now. Going to London really has a good effect in me. That’s the reason why I am having an amazing time of myself. I stayed in London for a couple of months finding an answer to my question. A year later of staying there I met this woman that really caught my attention.  She is so beautiful girl that I could not take my eyes away from her. I met her in the store and that very moment I knew that I have to see her again. Days later I found about that she works as Kent escort. I ready myself and wear the best suit I had to look good. I’m so nervous but at the same time excited. I knew that I am in love with her. Keeping this woman in my heart makes me happy always. she is the kind of person that I am always willing to spend time with. I won’t be this happy if she’s not in my life. She did really gives meaning into my life and turns it into something new. we have lots of good times together many times after I booked her. We had a relationship for 3 years until I marry her. Now she is my wife and I’m happy to be with her.

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