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It may seem blissful, but I am sure that I have married the wrong guy. When I was working for Archway escorts in, I fell in love with my personal trainer. He seemed like a really nice guy, and at the same time, he did not have an issue with me escorting. We sort of ended up spending lots of time together, and in the end, he asked me to marry him providing that I left Archway escorts. Of course, I was madly in love with him at the time.

When I first left Archway escorts from, I was sure that everything was going to be okay. My husband to be had a nice flat and I was sure that we were going to be happy there. What I did not know that he was struggling with paying all of the bills to his flat. Like so many other people in London, he was finding hard to make ends meet and running your own home can be expensive. Not only does it cost a small fortune for the mortgage but other bills are expensive as well.


After we had got married in a low key ceremony in London, I started to wonder what was going on and felt uncomfortable. My husband was working all hours that he could and I was doing a part time. Yet, he seemed to struggle for everything. His clothes did not look too good and he seemed to be worried all of the time. In the end, I told that he had to tell me what was wrong. He explained that he was constantly worried about his mortgage and that he had to work this hard just to break even. I had told him that I had some money from Archway escorts and that I could help.


My husband had never wanted me to go involved with the finances but now I felt that I had to do. The mortgage on our flat was £200,000 and it meant that my husband struggled to meet all of the other bills. The first thing that I did was to ask my new boss if I could go full-time. Fortunately for me, they were desperate for full-time sales people so I ended up working full-time at the store. A complete change to be on my feet all day since Archway escorts.


I also had rather a lot of money in the back since my Archway escorts days. In the end, I paid half his mortgage and started to pay the other bill. We did not have a joint account, so I said to him that I would pay the utility bills and food. The only thing that I insisted on was that I continued to pay into the pension scheme I had going. Yes, at the time I did feel that I had married the wrong guy, but we have come through all of this now. We are saving money and at the same time keeping on top of all of the bills. It would be nice to pay off the mortgage, but at least it is a level where we can manage it. We have some spare cash so that we can go out and take a few holidays. I am sure that we are not very different from other couples in London.

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