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It is official – dating Newbury escorts is fun. Many out of town visitors come to Newbury just to date Newbury hot babes. Although many of them do have escorts services in their own home countries, they still like to come and date in Newbury. The foreign gents say that Newbury hot babes know how to have some serious adult fun and the girls in their own home countries do not. The UK Escort Guide invited a couple of them into our offices in for a chat and to find out which part of Newbury escort services they enjoyed the most when they visit Newbury.

I love all Newbury escorts of because they are really cool but my favorite service has to be party girls. Newbury is a great place for business and for parties in the UK and a lot of my friends have organized their bachelor or stag parties here. This is how I was first introduced to the service. Now I quite often come over with my mates and date hot party girls. Going out to drink in London is very expensive so we make the most out of here in Newbury. For the same kind of money you can get a decent hotel, party girls and a really wild time in Newbury.

Newbury has a lot to offer,  continues Anders, but I really love race course. This is such a cool area to hang out in and it is full of nice bars and restaurants. I know it pretty well by now and I have my favorite hangs outs. As a matter of fact I have my own favorite Newbury  escorts as well and I always make sure that I have a date with at least one of them every time I am over.

Amar from Dubai: I really like duo escorting and I found that more and more Newbury escorts are now providing the service. I have a couple of favorite duo teams that I like to meet up with but sometimes I fancy a bit of a change. It is nice not knowing what to expect and that is one of those things I really like about Newbury escorts. You never really know what to expect, and the girls that I have met always manage to surprise me. The same thing does not seem to happen that often back home and this is why I prefer to date in Newbury.

As a matter of fact, I have recommended duo dating to many of my friends. Those who have tried it really liked it, and as far as I know they have continued to duo date. I am pretty much addicted to duo dating now and I don’t think that I will be able to give it up. I know that I am being a bit of a greedy boy but I just can’t help it.  Newbury escorts Duo Girls really turn me on and it is really as simple as that. I wish we had the service back home but I doubt it would be the same.

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