London escorts: How to make a perfect kiss?


The best kiss. Is there really such a thing or is this simply another urban legend? Personally I think it doesn’t exist. Moreover I think that the “ideal kiss” is a relative matter between the kisser and the kissed. Practically everyone wishes to be kissed differently. London escorts from found out that some like it soft others want it hard, still others like it cool but some prefer it sloppy. With all this stated, how do you kiss completely? I’m presuming that we require not take on the maternal and/or kiss of love due to the fact that this is hardly what you prepare to offer your date. No, what you want is a passion filled and rather most likely lustful kiss.

First of all, nobody would wish to kiss a garlic mouth so either avoid extremely spicy and delicious foods or refresh your breath with an after supper mint or breathe spray. And unless your partner is a cigarette smoker or is rather tolerant, attempt not to smell like an ashtray either. If this is the very first kiss, try and get your partner alone, preferably in a peaceful location where you can focus on each other and not be distracted. Not actually a requirement but it would make things simpler if the two of you were taking a seat side by side, ideally on a sofa, bench or something like that. Point is you have to get close enough that your legs, arms or hands are touching. London escorts say that if your partner does not draw away then your advances so far have been deemed appropriate. To even more examine if you are certainly advancing, make small arm and hand gestures when you are talking. As a last check you may rest your hand on your partner’s thigh, hold hands or better yet, put an arm on the shoulder. This last one truly signifies that something else will occur. In short, you are telegraphing your moves.

Note that you are not a jungle cat so do not catch your date/prey. Look your partner in the eye, then the lips. Here you are already asking “may I?” with your eyes. Slowly relocate, mouth open slightly. Initially reach both lips softly and tenderly. If there is no resistance, you might then attempt a little tongue action on either the bottom or leading lip. Go sluggish. Let your partner determine the tempo. Let them choose whether to speed it up or slow it down a bit. London escorts believe that a kiss is a dance including the lips and the tongue. Let your partner decide if it’s to be a tango or a break dance. Now that you are kissing, do not let your hands be idle. Caress the cheek, the back of the neck. This assists communicate your sensations. As the saying goes, “let your hands do the talking”. Your partner may reply with some hand talking too or might just let you have your method. So how do you kiss perfectly or do you kiss perfectly? I think you ought to let your partner be the judge of that. And keep in mind practice makes ideal.


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